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The Before & After

The Before & After

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Retinal Imaging: Before & After

The eyes have multiple issues that can negatively affect them, with the results being vision problems. However, before the problems arise, a specialist in eye care can help with assessments and remedies to the issues. Some of the approaches that eye doctors take include light physical checks as well as advanced operations like retinal imaging. At Eye See Optique, we offer excellent retinal imaging solutions to help identify problems that are not easy to identify during other examinations.

If you have issues that you are not sure of, we encourage you to engage us. Call us at (703) 553-1094 to book a retinal imaging consultation and procedure appointment.

About Eye See Optique

At Eye See Optique, our primary vision is one. We endeavor to help every client who comes our way to have a clear vision without the common eye problems making it difficult for them. On top of our leadership is Waheed Abbasi, who is the smart brains behind the opening of our center, as well as Dr. Darlene Fowler, OD, who is an expert in Optometry. With the team that we have pooled together, we can assure you that you will find us specialists worth your trust.

Expert Retinal Imaging Services, Arlington, VA

At Eye See Optique, we have the right experts that you need for retinal imaging. This procedure helps optical experts to identify eye problems and check the health of the eyes in a deeper and thorough assessment. The procedure involves taking digital photos of the back of the eye, showing the retina (the spot where light and images hit), blood vessels, and the optic disk (the spot on the retina responsible for holding the optic nerve and sending information to the brain). With the scanning and picture taken, it becomes easier for our optometrist and ophthalmologist to establish what issue your eyes may be developing.

Who can have the Imaging?

People with the following conditions can take the test:

  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetes
  • Glaucoma

With retinal imagine, your eye specialist will identify any signs of eye diseases that could not be identified before. The test is simplified and painless but with amazing results. If you like, we can also store the images and compare them with any other scans that we may conduct on you.

Also, compare the results on the images on this page.

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If you would want to book an appointment for such imaging, contact us today. Call (703) 553-1094 now.