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Children Optometry Eye Doctor

Children Optometry Eye Doctor

Children Optometry Eye Doctor, Arlington, VA

Long gone are the days when people overruled eye problems in children. It is no longer an older people’s problem as different eye issues have found their way in kids too. With the right eye exams for children, though, you can identify a problem before it escalates and have an expert child optometry eye doctor take care of it. At Eye See Optique, we have a reliable and go-to child optometrist for all your child’s eye needs. Talk to or visit us today for a consultation and targeted eye examination and remedies.

To book an appointment with our kids optometrist, call (703) 553-1094 now. Contact us online too on our website.

About Eye See Optique

Under the leadership of Dr. Waheed Abbasi, Eye See Optique has risen to become one of the premier and go-to eye care centers in Arlington, VA. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Waheed has been instrumental in shaping the way eye care is attended to. Thanks to the input of Dr. Darlene Fowler, OD, our optometrist too, our optical boutique and eye care solutions center has become a go-to one for people of all ages. Talk to or visit us, too, if you have any issues with your eyes or sight, and we will get you the right solution.

Reliable Children Optometrist

Perhaps you have heard your child complain of feeling things in their eyes for a long time now. If you have noticed that they have watery eyes, red eyes, dry eyes, sight problems, or other common vision problems, bring them to our experts for a focused eye examination. Search no more for a trusted and reliable children eye doctor near me, as we have all our doors open for you.

Why Eye See Optique Optometrist?

You may be wondering why we are the best option for children’s eye solutions. It is not because we save you from endless searches for children’s optometry near me. Neither is it because there is no other children optometrist in Arlington, VA. We have the most reliable, skilled, and experienced children eyes’ doctor. Dr. Darlene Fowler, OD, is in charge of that department and brings in academic excellence as well as over 17 years of experience. She handles LASIK pre and post ops, contact lens fittings, and basic and medical eye exams.

Get Started

Get the right eye help for your children from Eye See Optique. Contact us today to book an appointment.  Call (703) 553-1094. Visit www.eyeseeoptique.com for more details.